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Error Messages During Software Activation/De-activation


During software licensing operations, you may receive error messages.  These messages will include an error number of the form SAA Error 0xHHH (where H is a hexadecimal digit of the form 0-9 or a-f).  The errors they represent are explained below.

0x001, 0x004, 0x013 - The licence number provided is invalid.  Either it does not exist or it is not for the software you are using.

0x002 - The registered user is invalid.  The registered user name you provided does not match what is on file for the specified licence.  You should double check the details to ensure what you have entered is correct.

0x003 - You have reached the maximum number of activations allowed by your licence.  If this is incorrect (for example if your machine failed) then you should raise a support ticket clearly stating your registered username, your licence number and the machine which has been replaced.

0x005 - Licence key is not of the expected format.  Your licence key will be of the format XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX (where X is a an alphanumeric character, i.e. A-Z or 0-9).  It should be 41 characters long and should include all hyphens.  You should double check the licence number and make sure it is correct and try again.

0x006, 0x007 - The activation key provided by your software was not of the expected format.  If this error occurs, it is possible that the licence data stored on your machine has been corrupted.

0x008, 0x009, 0x00a, 0x00b, 0x00c, 0x00d - The licensing component of the software installed on your machine sent a command to the authorisation system that it did not recognise or it was not properly formatted.  This is most likely a result of an internal error and you should seek the assistance of support.

0x00e, 0x010, 0x015 - The licence key you supplied has been marked as being upgraded and as such is no longer valid.  You should use the upgraded licence key.  If you are attempting to de-activate your software, please contact support for assistance.

0x00f, 0x011, 0x016 - The licence key you supplied has been blocked.  A block may be placed on your licence key is the purchase was later found to be fraudulent or you have engaged in illegal activities related to the software such.  You should contact support for further information.

0x012 - This error will occur when a random check is carried out and it is found that this activation has already been deactivated.  The software will remove the active licensing information from this installation of the software.

0x017 - The licence you have attempted to de-activate has already been de-activated.

0x018 - You cannot deactivate your licence within a preset period following activation.  This is typically within 28 days of activation.  The error message will provide exact details.

0x019 - If you receive this message, the authorisation system believes the machine you are attempting to activate already has an activation key.  This can occur if your machine fails and is replaced with one of the same name.  You should contact support for assistance.

0x01a - You cannot deacivate your software more than a preset number of times in a preset limit.  This is typically 4 times in 365 days.  The error message will provide exact details.

0xf01 through 0xf11 - These errors are internal errors reported by the authorisation service.  If you receive any of these errors, your request will have failed.  You should contact support if these errors persist.

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